Chandan Dhal, an amputee himself, realized that assistive devices are over-priced. He feels that the assistive devices provide amputees with the hope to face the world, and over-pricing them to make profit is unethical and appalling. He believes that as an engineer with the potential know-how and an amputee with an intimate experience of the psycho- and physiological trauma that comes with the loss of a limb, it was his moral obligation to seek and develop simple assistive solutions that is available to all sections of the society. Supported by his team member Akshat Wahi, together they have been working in the field of prosthesis for over an year.

Project ChArm

The project ChArm aim was to develop a proof-of-concept of such affordable prosthesis. ChArm was also selected to be published in the RESNA SDC 2013 website.

Through this website, we wish to share all our research work, so as to help others develop affordable prosthesis solutions and proof the fact that assistive devices are exorbitantly overpriced to make profit.

We will publish series of tutorials covering the electronics involved in the field of prosthesis. We are currently working on the mechanical design of prosthesis. Soon we will update a post on the mechanical designs.

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