OpenPRT is an Opensource platform to discuss and share the recent technological advancement in the field of the prosthesis.
We aim to form a community of like minded people who are passionate to bring a social reform for the amputees. Some of the major issues we focus in our projects are:-

  • Prosthesis cost reduction.
  • Easy Rehabilitation for amputees.
  • Accessibility of the technology to every section of the society.

How It Started

Two years ago, the research team ChArm was formed at VIT, which focussed on the development of a proof of concept of an affordable prosthetic arm. In 2013, the project ChArm was selected to be publish in the RESNA Student Design Contest.
Although the prototype was not practically viable, but it motivated us to keep working in this field and over the years we have undertaken many projects with an aim to bring a social reform for the amputees. Some of these projects have also been recognized by many fellowship programs.The project ‘Psycho-physiological training approach for amputee rehabilitation’ have been selected for Analog Devices Fellowship project (Anveshan).
We wish to share our projects so as to help others who wish to carry projects in prosthesis as well as to make every one aware of various Opensource technologies in prosthesis.

Recent Projects


Psycho-physiological training approach for amputee rehabilitation

-Details in the blog page.

Anveshan 2014

Akshat Wahi


Chandan Dhal